I came across a couple of GitHub repositories that will make you a React Pro in no time! If you’re new to React or are already familiar with the framework and want to advance, you should check out these GitHub repositories.

1. Awesome React

⭐ 50.3K

A massive collection of nearly everything you need to know about React.

Github Repo

2. React Bits

⭐ 12.3K

A collection of React patterns, techniques, tips, and tips.

Github Repo

3. React Developer Roadmap

⭐ 17.4K

An amazing road map to becoming a React developer.

Github Repo

4. React Hooks Cheat sheet

⭐ 750+

A cheatsheet for React hooks with live editable examples

Github Repo

5. ReactJs Interview Questions

⭐ 23.1K

This repository contains almost every React interview question imaginable.

Github Repo

6. React in Patterns

⭐ 11.6K

A free book that talks about design patterns/techniques used while developing with

Github Repo

7. 30 Days Of React

⭐ 15.6K

This repository provides a step-by-step guide to learning React in 30 days. Before you begin, however, you should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This repository is intended for beginners, intermediates, and advanced developers.

Github Repo

8. React World React Apps

⭐ 2.7K

This repository’s /app directory contains a plethora of open source real-world projects built by highly experienced React developers.

Github Repo

9. React Coding Challenges

⭐ 2.1K

As the name implies, this repository contains a curation of various React challenges ranging in difficulty level.

Github Repo

10. React TypeScript Cheatsheet

⭐ 35.8K

If you’re a React developer learning TypeScript, this repository includes a variety of cheatsheets that you’ll find extremely useful.

Github Repo


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